Me Love You Runtime Code Monkey!

Supersized Jquery library

I keep saying this: if .net and C# (or just back end technologies), then HTML, Javascript and CSS (front end technologies) are my mistress. I love to dabble with these lovely pieces of simple but great technologies.

One of my latest things is to take a library off Github (let’s not forget Bitbucket too!) and start playing with it. Recently, I needed a way of easily animating a background on a page and by chance stumbled across the Mishkin’s site: Apart from ogling the food, the background transitions are amazing, even if you have low resolution images. I decided to peruse the source code to find they use a Jquery library called Supersized, a library which allows backgrounds to be loaded and displayed like a slideshow with lovely effects. It even handles stretching the image as you need and various other options.

Have a go. I love the way the web has progressed.