Me Love You Runtime Code Monkey!

Don't forget your (XPATH) descendants

Recently at work, we’ve been getting into Selenium tests for regression testing. With this comes a lot of XPath. I love a bit of XPath, and along with Regex and XSLT as long as you use the KISS principle, everything will be ok.

A developer was working on getting each link in a page within a div to be checked. The issue was that these could be on different levels (it was a Sitemap). e.g. one link may be in a list item, the next may be embedded within another sub-list item.

We had real issues in getting all the links in the right way. We tried:


(The a’s would be iterated through) with varying degrees of success.

I’d forgotten descendants completely. In a head slapping moment, we tried:


Done! One of my favourite XPath reference sites is still: It’s been there since about 1997, but still helps out.